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Welcome to Famous Beats, your ultimate guide to all things hip-hop production. Use this site to stay on top of hip hop production trends. We will show you where to find the best samples, gear reviews and upgrades as well as tutorials and workshops. Also, check out the shop to purchase fresh Reason ReFills created just for this site.

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I have about 20 years of musical experience beginning with cello in the third grade and leading to drums, guitar, keyboard, turntables, and beat making. I am a graduate of McNally Smith College of Music with two degrees; Music Production and Record Engineering. I started this site as a way to pass around my love for hip-hop and in the hope that this site will become a real community. I would love for others to take charge in the forums and post their own tips, tricks, tutorials, and reviews. The more this site grows, the better all of our beats will become.

– Thanks!

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