Today, Isonoe from Log System Sound officially spoke out what had been known inside the scene for a few weeks now: Log System Sound has come to an end, but …

This is the original post on Facebook:

Happy new year Vienna Bass Massive! Haven’t heard from us in a while. Let me, Isonoe, tell you why. It might be worth a read…

In 2014 Log System Sound underwent serious change. M., the one prime father of the system, stepped out from this project for good. Thus, Log System Sound – as you knew it – is dead. But…!

I decided to definitely keep on going, and taking all sacrifice needed to do so. There is no doubt, Austria and especially Vienna needs much more lowend-freq music played out loud. So it is clear that this unique and true 18 kW hi-fidelity soundsystem we put so much handcraft, conscientiousness, love, energy, time and lastly money into shall not be ripped apart due to personal decisions. Luckily, having been able to team up with truly motivated folks from the Hoppala , Wir Sind Spezial and The Zion Archives crews, we shall be able to rebuild the soundsystem spirit once more! Yet, under different flags.

As it goes on, we will be focussing on the bass track, still. Though further opening up for different settings with the common one bass denominator, i.e. Dubstep, Future Bass, Grime, Trap, Juke and Dark Techno and the likes. Various applications and concepts are in the make and shall be brought to life in 2015. Rest assured, some serious soundsystem busyness coming up to make you shake in your booties. For real!

If you still feel our sound, we thus recommend you to…

  1. Like and follow our new project Basstrace,
  2. Keep on listening to those “special” types of music and f* trends,
  3. Watch out for & attend bass music events (the scene really needs you!),
  4. Team up with your friends and start your own thing (we’d be glad to help you out wherever we can, if needed ;-)) or should you be interested in contributing to our endeavours, just drop us a line. Happy to hear from you!

In any case, bass music will never die, it’s just about what really counts: GOOD SOUND & UNITY and nothing else!

Spread the word – Peace

As a good friend and companion, I wish you all the best with your new project!

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