Beats on a Kindle 3?

There are currently no musical uses for the Amazon Kindle 3 reader. While this device is of course very high tech, its uses are pretty much limited to reading books.

The bottom line though is that you can read any book that has been converted to an electronic format. So for DJs, producers and musicians it might be handy simply because of its portability. So instead of having to take some books on the road with you, the Kindle 3 reader is able to hold a huge number of books in a lightweight and compact body.

The iPad 2 has some pretty cool musical applications pre-installed which can be fun to play with. Indeed perhaps the iPad 2 will become a popular tool to replace MacBooks that many producers and DJs are currently using these days. It is really exciting to see how technology and innovation are driving changes within the music industry. As soon as new devices become available, there are vast numbers of people developing applications and pushing the boundaries to see what the new technology is able to do.

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