Remote DevOps team and why do you need it?

Nowadays DevOps is the most popular and efficient approach to software development. DevOps is a practical implementation of the Agile methodology. A lot of IT companies provide DevOps services today, for example, where you can find a remote DevOps team. But firstly, let’s understand why do you need such a team. Before the Agile, […]

Where to get rap beats

Creativity of rappers is distinguished by the fact that the beat and the instrumental part as a whole is rarely created by the performer. Rap is rhythmic poetry, and its musical design is a very important, but not the primary part in the creative process.  beats for rap are taken from a variety of sources. […]

What is an AV receiver and how to select it

The concept of AV receiver did not take shape at once. In translation it is “audio-video receiver” – why such a name? The fact is that it was originally thought that an FM receiver should be part of a complex composite home audio device. So to this day it is usually on board almost every […]


Technology continues to evolve in leaps and bounds. The world of DJing has always eventually moved with changes to technology. Professional DJs and hobby DJs who have a home DJ setup have benefited from these changes.


Unlike many other professions, the salary of a pro DJ depends entirely on their popularity. An architect can be supremely unpopular but still command a huge salary due to the quality of their work. The quality of a DJ’s work, however, is how many people are on the dancefloor. So let’s break down the total […]


It’s tough to keep up with any market in an environment of rapid change. Hardware and software manufacturers know that catering to DJs is like herding cats. Everyone has a different set of priorities and needs, ranging from hardware-only techno sets to iPad wedding gigs. On average, what do career DJs in 2019 want? It […]

Music Production Studio Set Up

When it comes to music production it can seem daunting trying to figure out where to start. What Digital Audio Software should I use? What monitors should I buy? Should I invest in plugins? These are just some of the things that should be considered with music production.

10 ways to get DJ gigs

If you’re a new DJ on the scene you will need to get DJ gigs to build your fanbase and experience, and of course to have fun! Here are ten ways you can get DJ gigs.

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