From Drugs to Health via Music

Back in the day I used to spend my Friday nights at techno clubs listening to what my friend called “man’s music”.

It was proper techno with regular guest appearances from the likes of Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke. The thing is, lots of the people out, dancing the night away were making use of little pills to enhance their enjoyment! Of course, I’ve only taken ecstasy once and I certainly didn’t swallow it! There was one guy, always high on E but who wouldn’t smoke a joint – because tobacco is bad for you. The thing is, what lots of people used to do as kids is not something they continue to do as adults.

However, the prevailing atmosphere of open-ness and harmony, admittedly fueled to some degree by drugs has carried over into the lives of many of these party kids. Yesterday’s youth has become today’s, designers, arts, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc. This could well be why there are now far more companies selling environmental products. The fact that we can now get cheap organic shampoos and lots of cosmetic products that are green shows that there are individuals driving the pace of change.

Youths always seem to do things that older generations frown upon. But over time, as the youths become the adults in society, everything seems to work out for the best. Environmental and green issues have certainly come to the fore at the same time as the ecstasy generation matured. This may be a coincidence but I do not think so. One thing that E did for people was make them see things as the should be or in an idealized way. Perhaps yesterdays kids used their experiences as inspiration for changes they wanted to make in the real world. Life is short, we have to do what we can to live as big a life as we want to lead.

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