It has been a while since I talked to Georg W. aka Gnischrew for the very first time. In the meantime a lot happened and I haven’t had enough time to write about it :-/ Under the motto “better late then never”

 I do finally wrap up what has been one of the most exciting news to the Austrian Dubstep and sound system culture this year: The first physical 12″ release on Sub Audio Records.

Sub Audio Records from its capital city Vienna is floating upstream through the local surge of sound system culture in Austria. With the EDM hype in the country died down, head honcho Georg W. is ready to showcase the label’s first release on vinyl catalogued as SUBA001.

Georg is the mastermind behind the new aspiring label Sub Audio Records. Not only is he raising the label but he’s also responsible for its very first release Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation EP which is labelled SUBA001.

The EP is a two-tracker 12 inch black vinyl release with “Transmission Failure” (6:48) on the A side and “Fluid Foundation”(6:10) on the flip. Both tracks are intelligently designed for hi fidelity but also do not fail to deliver heavy weight sound pressure when presented on decent sound systems. Their sound design carries the truely unique handwriting of earlier Gnischrew productions. While the playful layering of percussion hits and the from time to time slightly weird ambience still remain, a new, more dancefloor oriented layout of the tracks gains momentum.

The minimalistic yet cineastic buildup “like howling voices of bewitched mermaids from outter space” of “Transmission Failure”drags the listener to the first drop from where it first seems to become more straight. However it’s just the beginning of what ends up as wonky drums and fluid basslines dancing back and forth with a charming clarinette complemented by spaced out radio voices from Houston base station and finished off with elaborate dub elements.

Reggae-ish riffs and a powerful solo trumpet define the character of the flip side “Fluid Foundation”. Despite the much straighter drum rhythm than the A side and the moving brass instrument melody it never sounds like a blatent dance track. “Wise words of Jah” dubbed over the riddim accompany the dread bass and make the track a joyful listening experience not only on a large sound system.

I really admire Gnischrew’s brave step to drop such a sophisticated record as a first release on his new label. Although it sets the bar very high for every further release it is also a clear statement where he wants to position his label. I’m really looking forwards to the next physical release. In the meantime SUBAF001, a free digital track by DMG, is available on their Bandcamp site.

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