How to become a DJ

Do you want to learn how to become a DJ? If you’re looking for the right advice on how to launch your DJ career read this handy step-by-step guide. We’ll get you from hero to zero, bedroom to main-room in a short space of time.

Step One – Learn how to DJ properly.

Before you even make a DJ name for yourself you’re going to need to learn the skills the right way. Getting 100% of your DJ mentors attention, rather than being in a large group is the quickest and most detailed way to learn. Another amazing benefit of learning on a one-to-one basis is that you can concentrate on your own style of music and become a specialist DJ, rather than just another average DJ.¬†

There is an annual Ibiza DJ tour where students can join us for a week of sun and DJing in the mecca of dance music, a sure way to kick off any DJ career! It’s also vital to have support of other music industry professionals when trying to become a DJ. To help with this we run a community of DJs, producers and other music industry moguls, creating the perfect melting pot of talent.

Networking is a paramount skill for any new DJ and our connections can help you get your foot in the door. We also help artists by teaching them how to produce their own hit records and remixes and releasing the best works on our in-house record label.

You simply don’t get all of those advantages at most schools or by teaching yourself. But, If you don’t have access to one of our studios you can start by reading some great DJ books. Try starting with the book ‘How to DJ properly’ by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster.

Step Two – Create your DJ brand.

Now you have the DJ skills you need to perform you need to establish your brand. A brand is essentially how you pitch your individuality as an artist in the busy marketplace of DJs world-wide. What makes you different? Find an authentic angle and create a clear identity for yourself. Most DJs start with the following steps when creating their brand.

  • DJ Name – Make sure you have a great name that is not already taken by another DJ or Producer.
  • Press Photos – Make sure you have a high quality collection of photos of yourself to give promoters.
  • DJ Biography – Create a few paragraphs telling your story as a DJ, think of it as a breakdown of your brand and your achievements.
  • Create a Facebook artist page, Instagram profile, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and YouTube account. You can also try making your own website and using other platforms like Twitter.
  • Create a mail out. You need to build a fan base and email is a great way of updating your fans.
  • Create a Logo. Create a mood-board for your brand and then find a great graphic designer to make you a distinctive logo.
  • Get a business card made to with your details, photo and logo. This will be great for networking events.

Step Three – Get DJ bookings.

Now you have the skills and the platform to launch your DJ career it’s time to get your first DJ gigs organised. If you study with DJ Gym or London¬†Sound Academy we will take care of this for you. We organise DJ gigs from small bars to huge festivals only for our graduates, giving them the best start to their DJ career. If you’re not studying with us then you’ll need to network and find your own DJ opportunities.

We’re not going to lie, this can be really tough when you start out, but don’t give up. Remember, once you get some gigs more will come and then you’ll have a snowball effect. The most important thing to do is keep going to events and networking with promoters.

As a beginner the easiest way to build experience is to play for free or to play gigs where you help the promoter by bringing people or selling tickets. If you help them they will help you. Try out these methods to find DJ gigs.

  • Become a party animal! Make sure you are seen on the scene. The best networking is done in person and if you go to clubs and talk to the promoters face to face they are much more likely to book you.
  • Use your business card and visit industry events, conferences and seminars. Make as many connections as possible so that you hear of any potential opportunities before anyone else. Become an invaluable resource in your local scene and a trafficker of information.
  • Create your own party. If the gigs are not coming to you then make them yourself! Hire a venue and become a promoter and book yourself.

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