How to Choose the Best PC for Music Production

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or are just starting out in the world of music production, a good pc is essential. From storing your audio files to processing them through DAWs, the right desktop will make your job far easier and help you get the best results from your sessions.

There are many options to choose from, with a range of different specifications to suit every budget. However, if you’re looking for the best pc for music production, you should consider these things:

Processor Power

The processor is a crucial component of your computer and plays a big role in determining how fast it works. You need a powerful chip that can handle all your music production software and processes without stuttering.


Your computer’s storage should be fast, preferably solid-state so that your DAW software will load quickly and run smoothly. You’ll also need a lot of it, ideally at least 1TB, to ensure you have enough space for all your tracks and projects.


A computer’s RAM is essentially the short-term memory for your PC, and it determines how quickly you can load up a DAW session. The higher the RAM, the faster your machine will be.

You’ll also want to look at how much storage a desktop has, as this is important for your files and your music library. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap desktops on the market that offer a decent amount of storage for a reasonable price, so don’t be afraid to shop around!

Apple’s iMac M1 is a great choice for those who want a high-performance desktop that is compact, yet highly efficient. It offers a variety of features to meet the needs of music producers and has a good value for money.

HP 27 Pavilion All-in-One PC is another great choice if you want to have a high-performance computer with a stylish design that is perfect for music producers. It comes with great performance specifications, including an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 1 TB HDD. Its touchscreen display is also very useful when working with DAWs as it allows you to use your hand free.

Dell XPS 8940 is another great option for those who are looking for a good-looking and affordable high-performing desktop computer. It has a great value-for-price ratio, featuring an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and 1 TB HDD. It also has a large number of USB ports, making it ideal for connecting to your various studio tools.

Acer Aspire One Lite is another great choice for budget-conscious music producers who are looking for a simple and effective desktop. The Aspire is a solid option and will easily cope with all your music production software, while the base spec of 8GB DDR4 RAM makes it very user-expandable if you find it underperforming in the future.

If you’re a gamer who wants to do some serious work on your music production, you might consider Asus’s Strix Scar 15. Its processor has been designed specifically for the gaming market, but it will be able to tackle even the most demanding of music production tasks with ease.

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