Where to get rap beats

Creativity of rappers is distinguished by the fact that the beat and the instrumental part as a whole is rarely created by the performer. Rap is rhythmic poetry, and its musical design is a very important, but not the primary part in the creative process.  beats for rap are taken from a variety of sources. On the other hand, without a beat rap itself can not produce, the rhythm per minute determines the format of poems, and the dynamics of the performance, and many other important things for musicians.

People who need good samples:

  • Rappers with a famous name. Even famous stars don’t hesitate to buy some parts from outside performers. Kendrick Lamar – writes great lyrics, but it’s easier to buy beats for him; 
  • Those musicians who are planning a big collaboration. Gathering a lot of people, publishing a good collection of songs is a lot of effort and time. It’s better to allocate it to quality production and creating memorable lyrics – and let professionals do the beats;
  • Beginners. For example, a teenager has already written some good texts, but he can not write music, he has no education, and he still has no money for the studio. You’ ll have to take some free but good beat.

Now every musician has an opportunity to find free beats and use them in his tracks. According to the economic reality, there is no point in paying royalties to the producers of modern music. A young talent should not collapse before the first concert, and he also needs equipment, a good computer for sound information, programs, people who know how to use them, he needs to spend money on advertising.

On special portals there are no problems with copyright deductions. The whole music part is distributed freely, any even a high school student can take a “cool beat” and record the track of his dreams. Who knows, maybe everything will go successfully and we will get a new modern high-quality musician literally from nowhere?

The second very important feature of such services is uniqueness of the beat part. Regardless of speed, bass and so on – there is no plagiarism here. You can attach any words to the music – there will be no impression like “oh, this year already two hundred people have written five hundred completely faceless songs in this rhythm and with these tricks”. At the same time, the whole musical part is fresh. You can find sounds that young people are listening to now. No old sound, only works in current styles that are fresh and interesting, but also something that will always be fashionable and obsolete.

In the network you can find a large database of samples, and therefore even popular performers can find something interesting here. The base is regularly updated, so you can check it periodically and find some new interesting sounds. You just need to find some really good website or some beat maker, that can provide you with some nice music that you can use in your rap songs.

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